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Are you a community event, market or festival organizer looking for ways to inspire and empower residents and attendees through helping the environment?

Host us at your upcoming drive-in event, festival or market to recycle aerosol, propane and isobutane products!

The gang at Flat Can Recycling (that’s us) partners with recycling coordinators, associations, non-profits, and other local groups to help bring recycling events for hazardous household waste to life. It’s never been so easy to expand your list of collection items to include aerosol and propane products.

When residents come to your event with their empty aerosol cans, small propane & isobutane tanks, they pay a nominal fee per item (or, if your budget allows, you can choose to foot the bill) to have our friendly team place them in our special Flat Can Recycling containers. Then we take the items and recycle every component responsibly, keeping them out of landfills and incinerators in your area.

It couldn’t be easier to get started. Plus, there are no start-up fees or hidden costs!



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