Are you a municipality looking to take a bold stance on the responsible disposal of hazardous waste generated by your public works department?

Until recently, aerosol paint cans (like the kind used on locating and construction jobs) have been left out of the recycling equation because they’re so tricky to dispose of.

Through our Flat Can Alliance, we work with municipalities to reduce the burden on landfills and help repurpose metal, plastic, and paint. We bridge the gap between your municipality and experts in the responsible disposal of specialized materials.

Before you think…

“Sounds great, but our public works department already has enough on their plate…”

Let us tell you—participating is a no brainer.

In a nutshell,



And if that doesn’t sound simple enough,
here are a few more reasons to join the Flat Can Alliance:

So how ‘bout it? Ready to
unburden some landfills?