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Muralists & Graffiti Artists

Are you a muralist or graffiti artist who uses aerosol paint?

If so, you have a unique opportunity to get creative with more than your art. Why not sign up with Flat Can Recycling to responsibly dispose of your empty aerosol paint cans?

Aerosol products such as spray paint cans have typically been left out of the recycling equation, because they’re so tricky to dispose of. Until now.

We work with our fellow environmentally-minded humans to reduce the burden on landfills and help repurpose metal, plastic, and residual substances. By placing a dedicated Flat Can bin (we also have prepaid recycling kits you can mail to us) at your studio or collective, you can help us with our mission of keeping empty spray paint cans out of the environment.

It couldn’t be easier to get started. Plus, there are no start-up fees or hidden costs!



Our only charge is for the products we recycle on your behalf, which is a nominal fee based on your volume.

It couldn’t be easier to get started! Plus, there are no start-up fees or hidden costs.

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