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Recreational Equipment Stores

Are you a recreational equipment store manager or corporate sustainability manager who wants to attract new customers within your community (while making a positive impact on the environment)?

Become a drop site for aerosol, propane and isobutane product recycling by partnering with Flat Can Recycling!

Flat Can Recycling equips your recreational equipment store with everything you need to operate as a recycling drop spot – giving you a new revenue stream in the process and making it easy for your staff to collect.

When customers come in to make a purchase from you, they’ll pay to recycle each camping-size propane tank, isobutane product, and aerosol can that they put in the special bin that we provide to your store. A nominal fee goes to us to cover the cost of recycling the different components of the items we recycle, and you decide how much you want to charge on top of that.

It couldn’t be easier to get started. Plus, there are no start-up fees or hidden costs!



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