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Are you the owner of a socially conscious salon or salon suite? Would you like to create a new revenue stream and provide a service you can brag about (while making a positive impact on the environment)?

Recycle and become a dropsite for hairspray and other aerosol products by partnering with Flat Can Recycling!

Did you know that aerosols used in the salon business (such as hairspray, dry shampoo, finishing spray, sculpting spray, texture spray, and sculpting and foam mousse) can cause serious damage to the environment when thrown into landfills or incinerated? Flat Can Recycling partners with salon owners looking to offset the harm caused by their industry—equipping them with a convenient recycling bin which can be placed in your break area.

Customers shopping at your salon location will pay to recycle each product that they put in the special bin. A nominal fee goes to us to cover the cost of recycling, and you decide how much you want to charge on top of that.

It couldn’t be easier to get started. Plus, there are no start-up fees or hidden costs!



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