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Where to recycle aerosol products

Aerosol Product Recycling

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We’re here to simplify recycling.

Do you have empty or unwanted aerosol products lying around your home, garage, or workspace that you want to dispose of? Not sure where to recycle or dispose of your used aerosols?

In collaboration with our processing partners, we accept aerosol products for recycling. Contact us to get started!

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How to recycle with us

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Types of accepted aerosol products

We accept a wide range of aerosols including spray paint, auto / lubricant / industrial products, insecticides, food product, specialized products, household cleaners, and personal care products.

Please contact us for the full list.

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Aerosol recycling fees

We accept cash and credit card.

Aerosol recycling FAQs

Residual liquid and propellant remain inside “empty” cans (even when the cans can’t be sprayed anymore), and these substances can be hazardous when they leach into the soil and groundwater surrounding residential communities and natural habitats. But because they’re challenging to disassemble, most end up in landfill or getting incinerated. This is problematic because it takes steel cans 50 years to degrade, plastic 100 years, and residual paint and other substances 13+ years!

Thankfully, there’s a way to divert aerosol products from landfill and responsibly recycle them. All spray paint, primers and coatings, poly sealers, and poly stains are safely processed in-house. Then, with the help of our partners, plastic caps and spray tips are processed into flakes and pellets for reuse (such as plastic injection molding), aluminum cans are processed, refined, and reshaped for a variety of uses, and all other material is responsibly disposed of.

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