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We Recycle Compressed Gas

Flat Can Recycling now accepts propane, isobutane, CO2, and MAPP gas for recycling!

Do you have empty or unwanted compressed gas products lying around your home or garage that you want to dispose of?

Flat Can Recycling is proud to announce that in collaboration with Recycle Aerosol, we accept small, single-use compressed gas products including camping-size propane, CO2, isobutane, and MAPP gas for recycling at our Flat Can Recycling HQ drop site! We also work with local businesses and organizations providing bulk compressed gas recycling, use the contact us form to have a conversation. 

Compressed Gas

Why recycle your empty or unwanted compressed gas?

The propane industry estimates that 40M one-pound propane tanks are sold in North America annually. And because they’re marketed as “disposable,” people throw them out or leave them behind in national parks. The trouble is that residual gas remains in these canisters, which can spark fires and explosions in parks and waste handling facilities.


What happens to recycled compressed gas?

Compressed Gas

Where to recycle your compressed gas

There are two ways to recycle with us. 
Simply stop by our 732 Hicks Drive drop site in Elburn, IL between 7 AM and 4 PM, Monday – Friday, or stop by one of our recycling events!

The fees to recycle are as follows:

  • Propane Tanks (14.1oz, 14.4 oz, 16oz, 16.4 oz): $3 per tank
  • CO2 Tanks (20oz): $1 per tank
  • Isobutane (3.53oz – 16oz): $1 per tank
  • MAPP gas (14oz): $1 per tank
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