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Where to recycle latex paint

Latex Paint Recycling

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We’re here to simplify recycling.

Do you have unwanted latex paint lying around at home or at your workplace? Not sure where to recycle or dispose of your unused latex paint?

In collaboration with our processing partners, we accept latex paint for recycling. Contact us to get started!

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How to recycle with us

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Latex paint recycling fees

We accept cash and credit card.

Latex paint recycling FAQs

Yes, in collaboration with our processing partners, we accept latex paint for recycling. The paint is processed in Battle Creek Michigan.

Did you know that every household in America has between one and three gallons of unwanted latex paint? It may be tempting to throw those cans away, but it’s important to note that the chemicals used to make latex paint can leach into the ground and get into the water supply.

Recycling paint so that it can be used within your community as graffiti cover-up paint, Habitat for Humanity Restore paint, or school program paint just makes sense for the environment! Over 750,000 gallons have been re-manufactured and applied to surfaces in the United States since 2010 through ePaint’s awesome program!

We work with ePaint in Battle Creek, MI, to recycle latex paint. Our role involves ensuring proper disposal according to regulations, with all necessary permits. This partnership with ePaint enables us to recycle latex paint efficiently, aiming to reduce its environmental impact through sustainable methods.

Want to be extra environmentally friendly? Purchase responsibly manufactured latex paint directly from ePaint at orders so you can rest easy knowing that your paint has made the smallest possible ecological footprint.

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