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Where to recycle carbon monoxide detectors

Carbon Monoxide Detector Recycling

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Do you have old or broken carbon monoxide detectors lying around at home or garage? Not sure where to recycle or dispose of your CO detectors that are no longer safe for use?

In collaboration with our processing partners, we accept carbon monoxide detectors for recycling. Contact us to get started!

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How to recycle with us

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CO detector recycling fees

We accept cash and credit card.

COO detectors recycling FAQs

Yes, we accept and process all carbon monoxide detectors onsite for recycling in Elburn.

Recycling CO detectors allows for the safe handling of any hazardous elements and the reuse of materials like plastics and metals, promoting environmental sustainability by minimizing waste and conserving resources.

To recycle CO detectors, we partner with Quincy Recycling.

Recycled CO detectors are dismantled to separate and safely process any hazardous substances they contain. Metals and plastics are extracted and recycled, reducing waste and conserving resources, while any harmful elements are handled according to environmental regulations to prevent pollution. This process ensures both the conservation of materials and the safe disposal of potentially dangerous components.

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