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Where to recycle car seats

Car Seat Recycling

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We’re here to simplify recycling.

Do you have old car seats that your children have outgrown lying around at home or garage? Not sure where to recycle or dispose of your expired car seats that are no longer safe for use?

In collaboration with our processing partners, we accept car seats for recycling. Contact us to get started!

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How to recycle with us

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Car seat recycling fees

We accept cash and credit card.

Car seat recycling FAQs

Yes, we accept and process all car seats onsite for recycling in Elburn.

Car seats can’t be indefinitely passed on to others for use, as they have an expiration date in order to ensure continued safe use. But throwing yours in the trash is never a good idea. By recycling, donating, or trading in your old car seats, you’ll be helping to keep roughly 180 million pounds of valuable material out of landfills each year.

To recycle car seats, we partner with Granite Peak Plastics for processing the plastic parts, USAgain for recycling textile elements, and Dart for handling the styrofoam components. This collaboration ensures comprehensive recycling of all car seat materials.

Thankfully, there’s a way to divert car seats from landfill and responsibly recycle them. We dismantle all car seats in-house and divert the materials (plastic, textile, and styrofoam) to our recycling partners for processing.
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